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All About Wigs

Can You Really Tell by Looking at a Wig?

Wigs were originally meant to protect the wearer from sunlight and dust, but now there are many choices when it comes to buying a wig. Whether you are looking for something professional, personal or an alternative to surgery, your choices have only increased in recent years.


There are a wide variety of types of wigs and styles available. All hair types and their variations will be available. From human hair to animal hair, fake to real, synthetic to natural, all are available, but do they hold up under the tests of time?

The first issue with wigs is that it’s human hair. Human hair can be damaged and become brittle easily. You should check the cuticle, and this is generally done by combing the hair over a magnifying glass.

There are a lot of styles for human hair types. You can find a natural look which does not have any creases or excessive damage, however you have to buy the correct size. A natural cut looks best when worn with a wig. If you have curls or a face that is contoured you may want to try a natural cut but if you have a round face, you might want to try a full body or crop cut.

Synthetic wigs are generally the most popular due to being easy to care for and soft. Inexpensive and easy to find, synthetic wigs can be a great option for women who need to wear a wig but cannot afford a custom one. An average synthetic wig will retain its shape like natural hair, and it is less expensive and easier to maintain.

The more advanced and ‘fake’ wigs are not as popular as those made from real human hair, but are very good at portraying the right look, especially for actresses. These wigs look a little bit like synthetic human hair.

These wigs are usually made from synthetic hair and are meant to imitate human hair. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Celebrities sometimes use wigs to enhance their perfect look. If you’ve heard of this, then you know what they say about the celebrity look. Human hair wigs have become quite popular with the rich and famous.

Full body human hair wigs come in all shapes and sizes. From straight to curly and everything in between, they’re all available. An average full-body wig will retain its shape well and retain its natural color too.

Affordable but durable, inexpensive wigs are perfect for everyday wear, but with all the fancy hair styles they are perfect for some celebrities. That’s why they can be expensive too.

Nowadays, there are many options for all hair types, and they come in many different materials, designs and prices. Finding the right wigs can be difficult. With so many options to choose from, your ultimate decision may be based on personal preferences.

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