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Welcome to the place to learn about and shop for wigs, extensions, weaves and more. If you are a current wearer or are considering getting yourself a natural hair wig or hair weave you’re at the right place. With so many hair choices it can become overwhelming but we’re to help guide you to the perfect hair look. Whether You Prefer Lace Front Wigs, Hair Weaves Or Extensions We’re To Help You Decide What Will Work For You. Perhaps you have thought about buying a wig but are unsure if you know enough to make a good decision.

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Thinking About Wearing A Wig?

Wigs are a great way to have any hairstyle that you want anytime you desire. Pretty much any hairstyle that you can imagine is available in a lace front wig. They allow you to wear your hair short one day and long the next. Color changes are as easy as finding the color wig that you want and putting it on. If having the ability to totally change your look often then a wig is the way to go.

Most wigs have lace strips either all around the base or just in the front. With a lace wig you can have a natural looking hairline without that “wig” look. The lace on wigs is much thinner than the wig cap. With a lace wig you have individual fine hairs that blend into the full wig. The lace lays flat and is almost invisible thus giving the impression that the hair is growing out of your head. You can have a lace front wig or a full 360 lace. The advantage of the full lace wig is that it allows you to wear your hair up and have a natural looking hairline all around as opposed to just in front. This gives you the ability to wear your wig in a pony tail if you like or any other style that shows your hairline in more areas than just in front. 

You can wear a long or short, curly or straight, light or dark wig. With so many different cuts and colors you can have the style that you like no matter the color and type of natural hair wig that you have! 

Considering Hair Extensions?

If you want to be able to change your look but also want to show your natural hair then wearing extensions may be the way to go. Hair Extensions offer your the most versatility and ease of wear. By selecting the color and texture that matches your hair you can add length and fullness whenever you like. You can also use them to add accent color to your natural hair to give that popular “ombre” look. 

They come in basically 3 types each with it’s advantages. For semi permanent use try either glue in or tape in extensions. You can install them and wear them continuously for weeks at a time.  These types are great if you want to wear the same style over a period of time. Clip ins are the most flexible giving you the opportunity to change your look on a daily basis or even between business and social hours. Clip in extensions are the most popular for these reasons. 

 Whichever type you prefer hair extensions make getting the hairstyle you love with little effort. When used properly they are indistinguishable from your hair. You would be surprised at how many celebrities you see all the time wear extensions.  

If you like your hair but wish it was a bit longer os somewhat fuller try extensions to have the style you want.

Try Getting A Hair Weave

Hair weaves are like having the best of all possible worlds. Think of having a semi permanent wig in any color and style that you prefer. You can show your natural hair and your weave blended together for a great look. They are sold in bundles of varying thicknesses and lengths. Also weave closures with a lace base can be installed anywhere on your head to maintain a natural hairline.

Most women start with their hair in cornrows and have the bundles attached to their heads by being sewn into the rows. Weaves can be worn for an extended period of time washed and styled just like your own hair. Many women wear weaves for years changing the bundles when they need a freshening up. They are more comfortable than wigs because they allow more air circulation around your head. Also unlike a wig you can pull on them without the fear of them moving. 

Usually they are installed by a beautician although many women become proficient at installing them themselves. With practice you can save a lot of money doing your own weave. 

This semi-permanent option have become so popular lately that they are worn by women all over the world to have the hairstyle they want with little effort!

Have Great Looking Hair

 When Your Hair Looks Good You Feel Better. We've Got The Solutions For Looking Your Best All The Time. No Matter Whether You Have Been Wearing Wigs Or Extensions For A Long Time Or If You've Never Tried Them This Is The Site For You. Get The Knowledge You'll Need To Make The Ideal Selection To Have Your Hair Looking It's Best. 

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